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We are currently using KeePass on a shared cloud drive and looking at 1Password for Teams as an alternative - which is already looking very good. The one feature that is keeping us from moving over is that we absolutely need to have an offline backup of all the (invaluable!) data in 1Password for Teams.

As it is, your servers currently are a single point of failure. That is simply not acceptable for such critical data. It must be available in an entirely different location managed by us (your customer).

One of the simpler solutions to this might be: automatic export of all (unencrypted!) data to a specified location by your desktop app. We could then configure a backup program to pick that up.

Other thoughts:

1) You obviously need Windows and Android apps - sooner rather than later.
2) In the web UI there is no way to move items between vaults. Really annoying.

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    Good morning, @helgevl. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your needs with us!

    I see where you are coming from with regards to backups. We already have the ability to do a lot of what you're asking for, but before jumping to that, let me take a moment to discuss what we do automatically by default. First, we do a lot of things on the server to help recover when needed. We have version control for each item so you can restore previous versions of an item if something ever accidentally happens to it, and we also perform full database backups that we can restore in cases of emergency.

    In addition to the server, 1Password for Mac and iOS contain an offline cache of your data, which basically means they have their own local backup of nearly everything on the server. We do this for performance and reliability for when you're offline, but it also serves as a great backup. The only caveat is Documents as they are only downloaded on demand, so you need to make sure you go through those and download each one to make sure that a backup of everything is stored locally.

    With these safeguards in place, we feel users who "do nothing"​ automatically have a very robust backup solution. As you say, however, the data stored within 1Password is invaluable, so I can see why you'd like to manage your own backups in addition to what we do. If making your own local backups will help you sleep better at night, who are we to say no? :)

    Creating your own backup is pretty straightforward in 1Password for Mac. You can simply export the data to our 1PIF data format and store that in an encrypted disk image or other safe location. The reason I mentioned an encrypted disk image is because the 1PIF format itself is not encrypted, so it's essential to keep your data somewhere safe. Apple has a great guide for creating encrypted disk images in their knowledge base, and it should have everything you need to get things set up: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201599

    As for your other points, let me start some new headings here so we can keep things straight :)

    Windows and Android

    I'm glad you're excited about Windows and Android! It makes all the effort we're putting into them worthwhile and let's us know we're on the right track :)

    The Android and Windows teams have made a lot of progress recently and I hope to have something more to share early in the New Year.

    Move Items Between Vaults Within Web UI

    I agree that we need this feature added to the web app. @JasperP has a few things related to backups that I want him finishing first and a few other loose ends after that, but I hope he can start working on things like Importing and Copy/Move relatively soon.

    I hope this helps. Please let us know, take care, and have yourself a Happy New Year!

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