Swap from folder sync to switch to wifi sync

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I started using 1Password for Android (premium features unlocked) a couple months ago and I set up local folder sync.
Now I have also purchased 1Password for mi Mac and would like to use Wifi sync between both.
In my Android 1Password I can only enable or disable folder sync now, but there's no evident option to switch to an alternative sync mode.
Is there a way to do this (swapping from folder sync to wifi sync) in Android, please?

Thanks in advance for your support.

1Password Version: 4.5.3
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: SM-N9005 running Android 5.0
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • peri

    Hi @alberto_cita. At the moment, 1Password 4 for Android allows you to configure any single supported sync solution. However, after you've configured sync, it's not possible to change syncing without resetting the app.

    Is all of your vault data currently on Android, or do you also have a vault on Mac? If everything is on Android, I recommend following the steps here to move your locally synced vault over to Mac.

    Then go ahead and open that .agilekeychain on the Mac in order to populate your vault with the data. Once you've done that, you can reset the app on Android to reconfigure sync. Please keep in mind that this will delete all of your 1Password data from the Android, so make sure to sync and move your vault before proceeding. Then go into your device settings and tap Apps > 1Password > Clear data.

    Then launch 1Password 4 on Android and you can configure Wi-Fi sync. Let us know how this goes!

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