What's New In Beta 38

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There's some fun little enhancements in today's released! We needed to keep this update relatively small as we've been busy this week! If you didn't see it, we had a massive iOS update on Monday and a huge Mac update on Tuesday, both of which include full support for teams.

As busy as we've been with Mac and iOS, there's some fun little enhancements in today's released. Here's what's new and visible in BETA-38:

  • [IMPROVED] Replaced "archive" with "delete" when deleting a vault to better indicate that the vault cannot be retrieved after being deleted. {825}
  • [IMPROVED] Enhanced several database queries to bring you an even faster experience. Moar speed!
  • [IMPROVED] Updated signup verification email to reflect that we support Safari and Edge.
  • [IMPROVED] When suggesting a domain during signup we're smarter and no longer suggest domains with multiple, consecutive hyphens.
  • [IMPROVED] Clarified description and instructions in the popup shown while generating your Emergency Kit. {449}
  • [FIXED] Squished a bug that prevented you from managing a vault (adding people or groups) immediately after creating it. {887}
  • [FIXED] Removed the "Manage Access" and "Manage Groups" buttons from the person details page if that person is you, because you can't remove yourself from a vault or group or add yourself to a new one. {899}
  • [FIXED] All Vaults would fail to load the vault items if you did not have read access to one of the vaults. Now it just ignores non-readable vaults. {903}
  • [FIXED] If you could view a person's page, but you weren't a member of all the groups they were a member of, you'd get an error and almost blank screen. Now the page loads properly. {968}
  • [FIXED] Polished up various UI elements in Safari. {2040}

My favourite change is not visible yet. It relates to some cool changes under the hood to how the Recovery process works from a UX perspective. Looking forward to sharing this with you soon :)

We're always excited to hear from you! So please get in touch and let us know what you think.

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