would you incorporate a "Unassigned" folder in future versions of 1Password 6 for Mac


Would you please incorporate an "Unassigned" folder in future versions of 1Password 6 for Mac like it is in 1Password 4 for Windows? This is a very helpful feature, and when I get a difference between the "All Items" folder number count and my personal folder number count, the only way I can see what it not included in my personal folder, is to go from my Mac computer to my windows computer (which I very seldom use), and look in the windows version of 1Password under the Unassigned folder to see which item has not been assigned to my personal folder.
I can then drag that unassigned item to my Personal folder and fix the issue.
The Unassigned folder is extremely helpful. Without it, I don't know how to find the unassigned item name without significant time spent just manually hunting it down.
Thank you for you help in this matter.

A very satisfied user for a number of years. Using it on my Mac computer, iPhone 6S Plus, mini iPad and Windows computer

Jody Wallin

1Password Version: 1Password 6.0 (600007)
Extension Version: 4.5.1
OS Version: OS X 10.11.2
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • Thanks for the feedback, @jody_wallin, and welcome to our forums! And thank you so much for the kind words about 1Password. We wouldn't be here without you :)

    I see what you mean about the Unassigned folder. As you say it can indeed be quite useful. Now I'll be honest with you, I can't for the life of me remember why we removed the Unassigned folder from 1Password for Mac. We used to have it back in 2011 or so but we removed it for a specific reason. I'm drawing a blank on why we did that.

    In any event, I'll add your vote for bringing the Unassigned folder back to the Mac app. We also have tags, so I could see adding a untagged section as well if we go this route.

    Take care and thanks again.

  • Hello again, @jody_wallin!

    I just talked with my awesome team and they reminded me why we took away the Unassigned folder. Back when we had it, many users felt that they had to assign all their items to folders. It was like we kept telling them that they had work to do and caused them unnecessary grief :)

    The good news is that you can create your own smart folder that shows you all items that are not assigned to a folder. Here's how that would look:

    You can see this page of the Mac user guide for a walkthrough of smart folders and how to create them:

    Smart Folders

    I hope this helps :)

  • jody_wallin
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    Thank you dteare for your instructions on how to create a smart folder that creates an "Unassigned folder". This has solved my problem! I greatly appreciate your help.

  • thightower
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    Will I be able to add advanced search to my teams vaults such as you describe ? I can only add a smart folder for my primary vault and not my teams vaults. I had hoped to be able to use search for "locations" etc.. Custom name, following along with a past blog post about remembering items you may have packed for winter months.

    ps. I would love to see untagged or allow me to create a folder with such criteria.

  • Hi Tommy,

    You're right, Smart Folders are currently limited to personal, non-managed vaults. We could not transfer them to the 1Password for Teams vaults as they were created in a Mac-specific manner. We would like to bring this feature to teams as well, but we first need to design them in a platform-independent manner.

    I doubt this will make it into the 1.0 release as we have many other features we would like to button up first. I definitely see it coming back someday though.

    BTW - regarding untagged, that would be a Smart Folder. Maybe we could have some templates for common search criteria like this.

  • sjk
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    I wanted to add that although creating a Smart Folder is currently limited to personal, non-managed vaults, like Dave said, the Show Search Options command is available in Teams vaults and the All Vaults view (under the Edit > Find menu and with the ⌃⌥⌘F shortcut) for doing "one-off" searches, e.g. untagged items:

    Or maybe you already knew that. :)

  • thightower
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    Thank you for that, no I had not thought of it.

    I would like to make one note and that is if you search and then edit an item. When you exit editing by saving. The search window jumps to all items. I have to manually re select Documents for example to get the items narrowed down to just Documents again.

    So indeed 100%, thanks for the help. But still let me ask for a bug fix. I would expect the list to remain on the selected search criteria. However it is small price to pay to narrow my results.

  • rob
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    @thightower ah, I was able to reproduce that indeed. It looks like we have an existing issue filed, so I'll update it with another vote. :)

    ref: OPM-1747

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