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Just updated to 6.0b1 on my Nexus 6P (Android 6.0.1) and on my LG G-Pad 8.3 tablet (Android 5.1.1). I like the changes and in particular the fingerprint sensor support. However, I ran into some issues with Wi-Fi sync:

  1. Initially Wi-Fi sync didn't work on the G-Pad 8.3. I always got a message to check if the Wi-Fi sync server was running on my PC (which of course it did). This was accompanied by a notification which I couldn't swipe away. It also didn't go away when I closed the app. The only way to make it disappear is to force stop 1Password in Android settings/Apps. I'm not sure this is how it's supposed to work?

  2. Wi-Fi sync worked with the 6P, so I knew the problem with the G-Pad 8.3 had to be with the tablet itself and not with the PC. I tried all sorts of things such as turning of the PC firewall, reboot devices, forget Wi-Fi networks, ad-hoc (which I later found isn't even supported by Android) but nothing worked. I have no firewall or other protection apps installed on the G-Pad 8.3. Eventually I went into Settings/Advanced/Email diagnostics and saw a log with the failed Wi-Fi sync. But the sync service tried to talk to an old laptop I had used in the past. I don't know why it wouldn't find the new laptop (the 6P did). So I wiped all app data and started anew on the G-Pad 8.3. And this time Wi-Fi sync worked. So I'm not 100% if this is an app bug or something else. But it would be nice to somehow have a way to reset the Wi-Fi sync connection without having to wipe the entire data.

In general, I'm rather unhappy about having to use Wi-Fi sync (manual, clunky, need to install Apple print drivers). I was really hoping that the next major release (such as v6) would bring native OPVault support to Android! Can you please confirm that this is still on the roadmap for the v6 release?


1Password Version: (12)
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 7
Sync Type: Wi-Fi


  • Hi @SteBae. Sorry to hear about your issues with Wi-Fi sync!

    But the sync service tried to talk to an old laptop I had used in the past.

    Had you previously configured 1Password on the G-Pad to sync with that old laptop, or was this the first time syncing that device at all?

    1Password on Android allows you to configure Wi-Fi sync with any single vault on any single Mac or PC. Once sync has been configured, 1Password on Android will only look for the computer it was synced with originally, and will ignore any other computers, even if they're on the same network.

    Once sync has been configured on Android, it's not possible to change it without resetting or reinstalling the app, but this is something we're planning to change in the future.

    I'm glad to hear that you were able to get Wi-Fi sync working on both devices after all, though! And indeed, we are planning on adding OPVault support, though I can't promise any ETA or release version.

    Let us know if you have more questions!

  • SteBae
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    Hi @peri ,

    yes I had the G-Pad previously set up to sync with the older computer. I can't remember anymore whether or not I had set up the 6P also to sync with the old computer. Most likely not since it did work with the new one straight away. It's good to hear that the G-Pad's Wi-Fi sync behavior was expected (it couldn't find the new Wi-Fi server) and I'm glad to hear that you're looking into a more flexible scheme.

    I'm also happy to hear that OPVault support is still on the roadmap. I know you're getting frequent requests for that on your forum ;)

  • Thanks for the update! I'm you got that all cleared up. Indeed, we're getting a lot of requests for OPVault, and it's quickly becoming one of our most requested changes. :)

  • yiati
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    Plus 1 for OPVault support. Been enjoying the beta release, and definitely plan to move over completely to 1Password once OPVault support is in.

  • Thanks for the feedback, @yiati. I'll pass your vote along! :)

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