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I just noticed that it seems the formatting of data does not always follow edits on the desktop (OS X in this case) client to Android.

for example:
I have 2 current logins for -
one is login title: test 1
two is login title: Test2

I create a new login on the desktop client
three is login title: Test 3

i would like all three to be formatted the same, so I use the desktop client to edit all to be the same format - now (on the desktop) all are:

Test 1
Test 2
Test 3

I go to my mobile device, sync via dropbox - and despite the third login i just created appearing and getting a sync confirmation, the formatting of the first two stays the same as before the edit in the list view (if i search for it). HOWEVER if i click to go into the login where i can see the un/pw the information appears correctly formatted.

1Password Version: osX 6.0.1 / Android 6.0b1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: dropbox


  • mverde
    edited January 2016

    Thanks for reporting this issue to us! It sounds to me like we're syncing the updated data correctly, but that the beta may not be refreshing all of the data displayed in the item list. If you terminate the app by going to the overflow menu and tapping exit, does the item now show up correctly in the item list the next time you launch the beta?

  • _CH_
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    @mverde - i tested it a few times and 2/3 times the issue did resolve itself when going to exit

  • CH. I'm glad to hear that worked most of the time. I'll go ahead and pass this feedback along to the team.

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