Cruising along with a brand new Beta 45

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It has been a week since our last beta, so we must have some pretty awesome stuff to share with you today, and we do. In particular we have a long overdue feature for all of you whom speld ur teem nayme rong. That's right, you can finally update the name of your team in the Admin Console Settings tab.

We've also changed the names of the default vaults, because naming is hard, like really hard, like we locked ourselves in a room until we came out with something we could finally agree upon hard. I hope you find the new names a bit easier to work with and understand.

This build is coming to you a bit late in the day... but hey, we are on island time today :)

Here are the changes for Beta 45:

  • NEW Added the ability for administrators to change the team name in the Settings tab of the Admin Console. Okay, it was a bit embarrassing that this wasn't possible until now. :) {656}
  • IMPROVED Removed Account Key prefix from the sign-in prompt to avoid confusion when the email or domain is invalid. {834}
  • IMPROVED We're now referring to your Your Vault vault as your Personal vault. Yup! We only needed to say that old name twice before we got tired of it and needed a change.
  • IMPROVED The Everyone vault is now called Shared. The old name felt more like a group than a vault so we switched it up to focus on the task it's useful for.
  • IMPROVED Show error message if account key generation fails during account setup.
  • FIXED Don't allow generating Master Passwords on touch screen devices, since the practice screen won't work and the user won't be able to complete setup. Hopefully we can get a real fix soon. {1002}
  • FIXED Don't truncate the Account Key on the final setup panel. {984}
  • FIXED Fixed an error when activating an account when the request size was too large.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where Owners who have been removed from the Admin group were not able to create vaults. {1021}
  • FIXED In vault detail view, the labels of reserved fields are no longer editable, matching the behaviour of our other apps. {1017}
  • FIXED Fixed some Firefox-specific UI issues in the account setup process. {995, 996}
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