Pin code on Android is useless

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I've set up the Pin code security option because I don't yet have fingerprint support on 5.1.1 but it turns out to be mostly useless.

The app almost always has fully quit from the background and requires the master password anyway when opening it again and I'm certain it never asks for the pin when using the keyboard. It's paaaaainful to use 1Password on Android coming from iOS and Mac.

Does Android not have some sort of built-in keychain like iOS or is that all in Android 6?

1Password Version: 6b2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 5.1.1 (Samsung)
Sync Type: Wi-Fi Sync


  • EnerJi
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    I'm seeing the same thing - I thought it might be something to do with Android 6.x (which I'm running), but I too have to use my master password almost every time I launch despite configuring a PIN code. Not sure if the app is crashing behind the scenes or something else is going on.

    By the way, you're not missing anything vis-a-vis fingerprint support - I'm able to take advantage of fingerprint support but it's only a partial implementation which is more trouble than it's worth, which is why I'm also back to using PIN codes.

  • saad
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    Hi @nickjbedford,

    You’re experiencing the correct behaviour. When 1Password exits or is closed from the background by the OS, you are required to enter the Master Password to unlock your vault. There are ways for us to improve this functionality by supporting PIN Unlock on restart of the 1Password app. This is currently on our roadmap. :)

    PIN Unlock should work with the filling keyboard. Are you being asked for the Master Password every time?

  • @EnerJi Fingerprint Unlock support for the filling keyboard will be in the next beta! Stay tuned! :)

  • EnerJi
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    @saad Can't wait for Beta 3 then! :)

    By the way, Beta 2 crashes, without fail, every single time I re-launch after leaving my phone dormant for a few hours. Beta 1 did the same thing. Is that a known bug? I'm submitting the crash reports every time it's happening.

  • Thanks for submitting the crash reports @EnerJi! We've received them and they are very helpful in pointing out the issue. We hope to have this fixed soon.

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