option to Bulk change Passwords adding something like dashline passwordchanger



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  • rob
    edited February 2016

    Hi, @shapiraman, and welcome to our forum!

    Dashlane's password changer is a pretty cool idea, and something we've long thought about doing. We certainly could, but at this point, we're not sure it's worth it. Our co-founder @roustem explains this pretty well:

    It is a feature limited to a few hundred most popular websites. Because these websites are popular they also have better than average security. Chances are that you will never need to change the password on these websites. Another problem with Dashlane's implementation of the Password Changer is that sends both your old and new passwords to the Dashlane server. Knowing that my passwords are sent without being encrypted locally would make me cringe. :(

    So it may still be something we explore in the future, but we would never implement a solution where your passwords are sent to our server.

  • shapiraman
    Community Member

    another feature i would love to have is in 1Pass For Teams to have the option to give permission only to fill the passwords without the ability to copy / past them.

    i would be more secure with my team in that way.

    What about this?

    Thanks a lot

  • rob

    Hi, @shapiraman.

    With 1Password for Teams, you can control very specific access permissions to a vault, including the ability for team members to reveal passwords. When you turn off someone's "Reveal" permission, they can no longer press the "reveal" button or the "copy" button, and they cannot edit the item either. Here is some more information about vault access controls:


    Note, however, that this access restriction is only enforced by the app itself. Users who are tech savvy enough could still discover the password after filling it into a form on a web page, or (if they're really good) by decrypting their data manually. The "Reveal" permission is only a safeguard and cannot be enforced cryptographically.

    I hope that helps! :)

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