Cannot change my user's email address in 1Password for Teams?


We've recently changed the domain name for our company, and are working through our various applications to reflect that change on our accounts.

I've found the location within the 1Password for Teams GUI where I may change my contact email address. However, when I attempt to do so (home -> my profile -> blue pencil icon next to my email address), I receive the following error message:

Email addresses from this domain are not allowed. Please use a different one or contact your Team Admin for assistance.

I've been working with our team admin to figure out what we can do from the GUI, but have not had any luck as of yet. Can anyone point us in the right direction?

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  • VitalyG
    edited February 2016

    Hi @GKahen !
    Please check that you have added 'new domain' in Allowed Domains section at Admin Console > Invitations. Here's what that looks like:

    Hope that will help.

  • GKahen
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    Weird! We wouldn't have thought to look there for that setting.

    Thanks for pointing that out, we were able to add our new domain and I was able to switch my email without a problem.

  • Awesome!

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