how do I remove a single vault I don't use anymore?


I just switched to 1Password for Teams, and would like to permanently remove the Dropbox-synced vaults I've moved all my logins from.

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  • rob

    Hi, @JeffKirvin.

    In 1Password for Mac, select the vault you would like to delete from the vault switcher in the top left corner, then in the system menu bar, click the 1Password menu, then "Delete [Vault Name] Vault..." to remove the vault. That will remove it only from the 1Password app. To also remove it from Dropbox, find the sync file (VaultName.agilekeychain or VaultName.opvault) in your Dropbox folder and just move it to the Trash.

    The only vault you won't be able to delete from 1Password for Mac without resetting it is the Primary vault. If you want to delete that vault as well, you can reset 1Password to start over with just your team account:

    When you open 1Password after starting over, you'll have the option to add your team account, and then there won't be a Primary vault.

    Hope that helps!

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