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I am currently using 1p 6.2.2 on my iPhone and iPad, and 1p 6 (or latest) on my Mac and using iCloud sync. I am thinking of getting a MacBook Pro. Will there be any syncing issues using 1p on all of the devices?

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  • hawkmothhawkmoth
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    @rlgleason51 asked,

    Will there be any syncing issues using 1p on all of the devices?

    No, there should not be any issues at all. When you start 1Password on your new Mac, indicate that you have used the application before. When it asks where you store your data, select iCloud and follow the prompts from there. Allow some time for everything to be pulled down, you should be all set. All of your devices will keep up with each other from then on.

    If your copy of 1Password came from AgileBits at their own web store, you will need to install your license file on your new machine to register that copy. If yours comes from the Mac App Store, there won't be that issue. Your license there is tied by Apple to your Apple ID.

  • thanks. thought there'd be no problem but does not hurt to verify.

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    Indeed, so long as you're using the latest version of 1Password on each device, they'll be able to use the same sync and data setup. Cheers! :)

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