Licensing for Self-Employed Family with Multiple Platform Devices

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We are a family of five operating: five iPhones, two-three iPads, one Macbook, four PC/Windows laptops and two desktops.
**What is the best way to purchase the needed licenses?

From what I can tell we'd need the following:

  • 1Password Mac + Windows Bundle – $69.99
  • 1Password for iOS – $9.99 one time fee per iTunes account

What difference would the Teams or Family package make for us?

Thanks for the help,
The Hawkins'

(P.S. Should we wait on any upcoming version launch, to purchase?)

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    @VicEli357: Wow. You have really great timing! :lol:

    Honestly, my family is a bit smaller, but our situation is similar and for me it's a no-brainer: 1Password for Families.

    Now, my priorities may be different than yours, so I'll just give you an overview of why this works for me, and you can see if this strikes a nerve with you as well.

    With 1Password for Families, I get to not worry about licensing: no keys, platform-specific licenses, etc., and you automatically get the latest full version of 1Password on all platforms.

    It's also simpler to setup because it's a quick login on each device, rather than managing the syncing of individual vaults. And sharing with family members is much easier, since it's all server-based.

    Also...RECOVERY! Honestly, being able to manage family members and help them recover if they forget their Master Password is kind of what I try to do anyway, but this makes that dream a reality.

    However, there is one hurdle that I run up against with 1Password for Families right now that you should be aware of: on Windows it is only supported currently using the 1Password for Windows 10 beta or the 1Password website interface.

    In both cases, you can access and edit your data, but neither is fully feature complete there yet. It's something we're working hard on, and that I'm anxious for myself. But in the mean time I can get what I need on any of my PCs using the web interface, or use the app on my Windows 10 devices.

    So that an be an inconvenience. The silver lining? Signing up now gets you a net 3 months free, and an additional 2 users (for a total of 7 — mom and dad?) for the same 5$ per month. And ultimately you don't have anything to lose. If you decide that you'd rather go the traditional-license route and sync-it-yourself, you can always move your data to local vaults later on and buy the apps outright instead.

    Obviously this is just a few things that are huge for me, but hopefully it gives you some ideas or raises some questions. And I'm happy to answer any of them! :)

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