Future continuity - What happens if 1Password goes out of business? (I am not suggesting it will)

Hello Guys,

I have recently started to use 1Password heavily and I love it. If title is a bit negative, please feel free to suggest new topic.

Since now 1Password is becoming a huge part of my digital life, I would like to know what happens if tomorrow you app stops working or Apple stops your app or you go out of business. Since I have most of my life stored in there, should I be worried about this?

Do you suggest I keep my personal (private) stuff somewhere else too just to avoid such situation? "Business Continuity Plan" is what I need but for my personal life! :)

You app is great, and I can't think of a single day without it. Which is good but is also making me worried.

Hoping for a reply soon.


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    Hi @ravish,

    This is a great question. While not necessarily written to address it, this article answers much of your question:

    AgileBits Blog | You have secrets; we don’t. Why our data format is public

    There are two key points:

    1) Our data format is open, so in theory anyone could write software to read it
    2) 1Password (at least on the Mac) can export to an unencrypted interchange file which could be fairly easily imported into another program

    This not only answers the question of "what if AgileBits disappears?" (which of course we have no intention of doing) but also "what if I decide I don't like 1Password anymore and want to use something else?"

    As for your question about keeping the information elsewhere in addition: no, I would not recommend that. I would recommend having an emergency kit, though.

    AgileBits Blog | Incredible 1Password users release 1Password Emergency Kit 3.0

    I hope that helps!


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