Which will be better to use and reliable service?


I am new member here. Just opened my account few minutes ago. I would like to use security software for myself. Can you tell me which will be better? I have heard that Kaspersky is better and reliable. Do you have any other choices?

Please let me know. Thanks!

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    @Lion22: I'll be honest: most of us here aren't using 3rd party "security" software (apart from what's built into the OS). So while I'm not sure I'd give a recommendation on what to use, I can definitely tell you what not to use and give some more general advice that will take you even farther.

    First and foremost, don't use "free" "security" software. Nothing is really free, and in many cases it's commonly known that these companies are collecting and selling user information to the highest bidder. In the cases where we don't know for certain...well, everything has a price, and I'm not comfortable using something where the cost is unknown.

    But most importantly, even if you do choose to use a "security" software suite, nothing can protect you from yourself. These can detect known threats, but ultimately they can't stop you yourself from running something malicious — especially if it is not already known so that it can be detected. The most important thing you can do to stay secure is to adopt secure practices:

    • Only install software from trusted sources
    • Do not accept anything being offered to you that you haven't sought out yourself
    • Be vigilant, stop and think, and think again, before providing sensitive information

    Now, more specifically, "security" software has often gotten in my way and caused issues with perfectly legitimate software on my computer, and it's important to note that in some cases they continue to cause issues for 1Password users specifically. As an example, I don't play games as much as I used to, but often this type of software can be a real drain on system resources, and can also do things like prevent 1Password from being able to update, depending on how things are configured.

    That said, I don't personally (or professionally) have a beef with Kaspersky. They've been helpful when we've worked with them to resolve issues with 1Password in the past (such as false positives, or interfering with the browser extensions), so I think you could do a lot worse if that's the route you want to go. And I think in many cases you've got the option of a trial period to see if the software is a good fit for you before you commit to it. :)

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