Did not receive license key via email

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Purchased 1Password for Mac on July 28. A day later, I'm still waiting for an e-mail with my activation key, despite several e-mail requests and a phone call to Agile Bits in Toronto.

Couldn't get past the receptionist who promised a call from one of "our agents" today. Of course, no one called back.

Please, Agile Bits, elevate your customer service to the same high standard as your software. The receptionist refused to tell me where Agile Bits is located or to give the address, even though the information is readily available on the Web site. She described it as an "Internet company." Does that mean we're supposed to be satisfied with automated responses that don't address individual problems?

I have a right to be upset. I paid $39 for software that seems to be treating me as a trial user. Never, in at least 20 years of Web purchases, including software, have I failed to get an activation key, or if I encountered problems, never has there been such a sluggish response.


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    Welcome to the forums, zengrits! I'm terribly sorry for the trouble here. We have been a bit busier since Lion was released. We normally have very responsive support with replies in less than 24 hours (and often under 12 hours). We actually pride ourselves on this, so it especially painful to us when we are backed up as we are at the moment. :S

    Please do check your spam folder. License keys are always sent out immediately at the time of purchase. That said, it looks like Ben sent a personal reply to you via email about an hour ago. Please send me a PM here on the forums if you are still not receiving email from us. The messages will be coming from [email protected].

    Please let me know how it turns out.

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