Beta 74 Release Notes


Well... this was supposed to be beta 73, and I had this whole Big Bang Theory description of why 73 is the best number. Sadly we found a couple of problems in that beta through our testing, so we've skipped ahead to beta 74. The most exciting thing I could find about the number 74 was that it is the minimum sustained winds (in mph) to be considered a hurricane :)

Today's beta focuses on helping those who have accidentally set up their Family as a Team account. 1Password Families has a simpler permissions model than 1Password for Teams. This beta will better help those who are switching from a Team to a Family account move their Team Members (now Family Members) over to that simpler setup.

Along with that we have a number of other small, but great fixes and improvements that came from your feedback.

Here is what is new in Beta 74:

  • [IMPROVED] The Team to Family conversion process for teams with custom settings. {1213}
  • [IMPROVED] Clarified setup instructions on the "Get the Apps" page. {1195}
  • [IMPROVED] Better version checks on outdated unsupported Chrome versions. {1249}
  • [IMPROVED] Other browsers don't count towards the devices quest.
  • [IMPROVED] Now using "Web Address" instead of "Account URL" in the Emergency Kit.
  • [IMPROVED] Clarified who has access to the Shared vault in Family accounts. {1243}
  • [FIXED] Fixed rare problem when registering new users.
  • [FIXED] No longer allowing Admin Console pages (even though they were blank) to be loaded by non-admins. {1124}
  • [FIXED] Prevent deleting the last manager of the Owners group.

Your feedback and wonderful suggestions keep us moving forward. Please start a new thread to discuss anything that's on your mind. We love hearing from you!

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