Feature Requests, Now that I've started using 1P4F full time

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Hi 1Password,

I recently started using 1P4F as my full time 1Password solution (I'd previously been using it in parallel with 1P4Dropbox), and I though it might be worthwhile to share some feedback with you:

  1. This is incredible. Thank you so much!
  2. I understand the switch to having documents as separate items (and it makes somethings much easier), but I've found that (especially for software licenses), this can get really cumbersome. For example, take Fluid. It uses a license file, so that means that I have two separate things in my 1Password, the actual license file, and the 1Password software license entry, This wouldn't be the end of the world, except that I can't classify the license file as a software license, so it shows up in the wrong place. So then I have a software licenses tag, and it's basically anarchy. And on top of that some apps are really picky on what the name of their license file is, so I can't call it FluidLicense.fluidlicense, like I might want to. (In case you can't tell, I'm slightly OCD :smile:.) It would be really nice to have a way to merge those, or to hide one of them. (Or to have a different name for a file inside 1P and when you download it.) Many other apps do this to.
  3. When you add a custom icon to an item, it automatically adds a frame around it (Which is fine), however, it doesn't give you a chance to re-position the actual icon inside that frame, and it doesn't do that for all types of items. Which leads to: A, inconsistency, which just aggravates the license problem, because they can't have the same icon (:smile:); And, B, when an icon is really close to the edge on one side of the icon, the frame ends up cropping part of it off, while leaving a huge margin around the rest of it. I think that having an option to bypass and/or turn off the frame on icons would be nice. Otherwise, if the frame wasn't just put on top of the image, but rather the image was scaled down to fit in the frame, that would be great too!

But on the whole, it's a really great piece of software, thanks so much for making it!

1Password Version: 6.1 (610005)
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.11.4
Sync Type: 1Password for Families, 1.0.BETA.81-0


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    Thanks for taking the time to write in @AriPorad! We really appreciate the feedback, and the kind words. I believe #2 is actually already possible, at least with the Mac application. I just tried this myself. I have a document that was imported from an attachment and had the title "activation.png" which I just retitled in 1Password for Mac to "Windows 7 Activation." When I choose the "Reveal in Finder" option this item still shows as "activation.png" in the Finder.

    Has your experience been different?

    As for the icons... Yes, unfortunately icons are a bit of a pain point right now. There is a lot of potential for improvement. It is going to require a fair amount of work though, and for that and other reasons it simply hasn't bubbled to the top of the priority list yet. Hopefully this is something we'll be able to address. :)


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