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Acces to vault on IOS but don't know master password. Any way to recover?

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So this is a bit of a weird situation. I have been a 1password user for a couple years and I have been trying to get my family on board with limited success ever since. now and when families came out in February I tried it out and added the vault on my phone with my personal vault I have been using. But before adding any other members or transferring over any passwords life got in the way. Last week I got an email in my inbox about families and I think you know I should really set that up. Forgetting about having set it up in February I try and set it up again on my Mac and get told that name is already in use. So I try and add the vault to my 1password on Mac. I had saved the key to my personal vault so I put that in enter my master password.... Error information doesn't match. I pull out my phone and the vault shows up on my phone. Use qr code to add device. Try pass- error, try other passwords I have used in the past- error, start to get really angry. Take a deep breath. Write post.

Created empty family account in February but never invited anyone.
Have access to vaults on phone which are currently empty.
Master pass doesn't work.
Mostly want to use family name as domain.
Any solutions?


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    @Tdaunt: Absolutely! Just shoot us an email at [email protected] from the address you used to sign up. Include a link to this discussion and we'll get this sorted out for you. Cheers! :)

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