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What package to buy

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My wife runs a business out of the home and uses. Desktop , iPad, and iPhone for her business . We would like to purchase 1passwors for security reasons but would like to sync my phone and possibly my two girls Devices are there any recommendations on which package would be the best for these conditions thanks


  • JacobJacob

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    Hey @cdondorfer! Thanks for asking. :) 1Password Families would fit that setup very well. I'm curious about one thing though: What operating system is running on the desktop? Families has support for Windows 10 and OS X 10.10+, but not for Windows 7 quite yet. Let us know what you're running on that device and we'll match you up with the best option.

  • cdondorfercdondorfer
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    We gave all apple products the desktop is running OS 10

  • BenBen

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    Perfect. In that case 1Password for Families would be ideal. We are currently running an early adopter special which grants some additional perks that you can read about here:

    AgileBits Blog | Introducing 1Password for Families

    I hope that helps. Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.


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