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Attachment limit?

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Just copied (right click > share > ...) over a document from my primary (local) vault to the personal (online) family vault. The document has 4 attachments and only 2 were imported. Is there some limit there or did something go wrong?

I'm really itching to get all my local items in the family vault, but not if I might lose data.

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Referrer: kb-search:attachment


  • BenBen

    Team Member

    Hi @Blizz,

    There is a 1GB limit per family (2GB if you have the early adopter special).


  • BlizzBlizz
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    Euh okay... These are 4 attachments of 10kb and it's the first item in the Vault. Somehow I don't think that is going to be the issue.

  • BlizzBlizz
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    FYI: I've deleted the login and the 2 documents and copied it again and now it did add all 4. Seems sometimes things can go a bit wrong there.

  • rickfillionrickfillion

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    Hi @Blizz,

    That's really odd, and definitely something we should look into. Would you mind creating a Diagnostics Report and sending it to [email protected], and including a link to this forum thread? You should receive a response nearly immediately from our support system with a support request id. If you could post that to this forum, it would also help us jump between the two systems. The diagnostics report will include logs that will hopefully point us in the right direction.

    From there either myself or Nathan will be able to look into this and hopefully determine what's going on.


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