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Hi there,
We've noticed that when we copy and paste the passwords from the web form details, it shows the password.

Also, we've noticed the passwords showing in the online version of 1Password (not the extension or app though).

Is there any way to prevent this from happening?


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  • Jacob

    Hey @casey_eezy! Good question. The web form details currently cannot be hidden, but you can stop the password itself from being revealed in the apps and 1Password.com if you'd like. Just uncheck the Reveal passwords permission for the member you'd like to disable it for, as mentioned in our admin guide. It's good to note, though, that simply stopping the password from being revealed doesn't stop the user from filling that password in the browser or obtaining it some other way. Once you share something with someone, there's not a way to stop it from being used. That's why Teams is here — to help you and your team use the passwords you have, not to hide them. ;) I hope this helps.

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