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New Item category suggestions?

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Hi! No idea if you're open to creating new "Item" categories/icons, but I really miss from my previous password app, and would love to see the following: Car Info, Cellular Phone, Combination Lock, Health Numbers (i.e. for policies/contact info), Insurance. (Would be great to see these categorically broken out into sections, aside from the "login" list.) Or a way to designate new categories to be able to move the items around?

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  • MeganMegan
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @leblabac2172,

    New category suggestions are one of our most popular feature requests! I’m happy to pass your suggestions along.

    For now, I would recommend checking out the Secure Notes category. With custom fields, and the ability to add custom icons, it kind of acts as a ‘build-your-own database’ category. It’s pretty awesome:

    Secure All the Things in Secure Notes

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