Hijacking Cmd-[1-9]] shortcut


In many browsers, including Chrome, you switch tabs with the keyboard shortcut Cmd-[1-9]. Unfortunately 1Password for Teams hijacks that keyboard shortcut. So every single time I have to use 1P for Teams, this happens:

  1. I browse to the site I want to login to in tab 1
  2. I open 1P for Teams in tab 2 and find the login
  3. I copy the login or password, and press Cmd-1 to change to tab 1
  4. 1Password hijacks Cmd-1 and takes me to 'All items'
  5. I have to find the login again, copy it, and use the mouse to click back to tab 1

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  • JacobJacob

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    edited April 2016

    Hi @harryv! Glad you found those shortcuts. :) We made them Command 1 through 9 (and 0 for All Vaults) because that's what we use in 1Password for Mac. I would recommend using Command Option Left Arrow and Right Arrow to switch tabs when you're using the 1Password for Teams web interface. It's common for web apps to make use of hardware modifier keys, and when I'm in JIRA, for instance, I've found that Command Shift N is used to create a numbered list in a text field even though every browser uses it to open a new window. Hopefully using that alternative shortcut to switch tabs helps in your case.

    Another thing I'd recommend is simply using 1Password for Mac, which includes a browser extension that you can fill those password fields directly with. No need to copy and paste things. :)

  • roustemroustem AgileBits Founder

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    I hope to remove this shortcut soon. Thank you for the reminder!

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