Converted to 1P Accounts, want to delete Primary Vault and convert apps to Accounts only

Hi all,

I've now fully moved over to 1P Accounts and no longer wish to use the Primary Vault I've had since the beginning. I've been searching and have only found articles with very scary looking processes in them which go into great detail with regards manually removing files and folders.

Has this process gotten better yet? Why wouldn't there be a simple "Delete Primary Vault", "Disable Personal Vaults" or "Go Accounts only" option which did this work for us and made it a simple painless process? Even if it needed a restart or relaunch, to have the steps taken care of by a tested process automatically takes the fear out of it.

At the moment I'm now unlocking my apps with a password to an empty vault which feels daft, and is a different password from the one I've chosen for Accounts. I know I can change the old password to match the new one which makes it less weird, but I'm hoping there is a nice easy solution to this (surely pretty common?) case which AgileBits are beavering away on.


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    @smallcheese: Indeed, we're always hesitant to make it easy to destroy data. An "oops" with a vault full of even some of our most valuable data is a terrible thing. We're considering different ways of improving cases like yours, but first the apps need to support a "Teams-only" mode. This is already available in 1Password for Mac, with 1Password for iOS close behind, and the others to follow as well. When the time comes, you can follow the starting over guide, and then if you let us know some basic information about your setup we can go into more specifics. :)

  • Thanks @brenty, your link helped cleanup my Mac installation.

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    @Dig_Doug On behalf of brenty, you're welcome. :) Glad everything is sorted out.

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    For anyone else coming across this thread, if you don’t want to keep your old vault in 1Password for Mac, you can delete it after moving your data into your new account.

    To delete your old vault, first switch to it, then choose 1Password menu > Delete Vault. To delete your old Primary vault, you’ll first need to delete any other vaults you have outside of your 1Password account.

  • @kHad - thatnks for "1Password menu > Delete Vault tip. Super helpful. (all of this thread).

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    You're sure welcome, @tchurch, from this whole helpful thread. :chuffed:

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