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English can indeed be a crazy language and our word of the day, 'unthaw', is a great example of that. Our Account Frozen page used to have this sentence: "Add your card now to unthaw your account and get back to securely sharing your most important information". Well, we started to get reports of the misspelling from our friends abroad, but couldn't quite understand why, so I quickly checked the definition:

un·thaw (verb)
1. melt or thaw. (North America)
2. unmelted or frozen.

It turns out that unthaw means something completely different in North America than it does in the rest of the world! So you can see why it was causing quite a bit of confusion, and hence why we've replaced it with 'unfreeze'. Of course, the best way to avoid this confusion is to simply avoid the entire message and keep your subscription up to date. :)

Here is what is new in Build 113:

  • [IMPROVED] Replaced 'unthaw' with 'unfreeze' to not confuse our users ourside North America.
  • [IMPROVED] Updated web fonts.
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug preventing you from changing or cancelling subscription from a plan that is no longer available.
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug where you were prompted to save Emergency Kit even when Account Key change was cancelled.

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