Build 116 Release Notes

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Welcome to May!

It is the best time of the year in Toronto. Let's celebrate the new month and NHL draft lottery win with a new release :)

Release Notes

  • [IMPROVED] Vault view is now snappier and more efficient. These performance improvements should be especially noticeable when saving new or edited items.
  • [IMPROVED] All team owners can now manage the Owners group.
  • [IMPROVED] Improved text in subscription and billing email messages.
  • [IMPROVED] When in vault view, the refresh shortcut (Cmd+R for Mac or Ctrl+R for Windows) now actually reloads the vault.
  • [IMPROVED] When a vault you are viewing is deleted or your access is revoked, we now unload the vault from the UI and show a proper error message. {1011}
  • [IMPROVED] Added progress indicators for certain actions in vault view, so you know the app is working to complete your request.
  • [IMPROVED] Improved wording to use the term "Sign-in Address" consistently instead of "URL", "Team URL", or "Web Address".
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where tags or categories would remain in the sidebar after the last item in them had been moved to the trash. {1071, 1366}
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where you might see an “incorrect content version” error when moving an item to the trash or emptying the trash.
  • [FIXED] Fixed some display issues on the billing page at certain browser widths. {1404}
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the "Allow editing" option in family accounts was cut off. {1472}
  • [FIXED] Fixed an error that would occur in Chrome on iOS on certain pages with input fields.
  • [FIXED] supports Safari 8 and above. Safari 7 is now properly handled instead of allowing errors to occur.
  • [FIXED] Firefox 38 is now the minimum required version for Firefox.
  • [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the URL in an item could be highlighted incorrectly if a username or password was included before the domain. {765}
  • [FIXED] Cleaned up a couple spots in the Admin Console on family accounts where we were referring to a "team" instead of a "family". {1494}
  • [FIXED] Limited the allowed name length to prevent an error when signing up. {1440}
  • [FIXED] Prevent usage of SRP groups below 4096 for new user accounts.
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