Clipboard Actions App Captures Passwords

I recently started using an app on my Android devices named "Clipboard Actions". It's a pretty cool little app, that lets you do all sorts of interesting things with the stuff you copy/cut onto the clipboard.

The thing is that passwords I copy out of 1Password are showing up in the "Clipboard Actions" history.

I think I've read that similar clipboard managers on the Mac can be told that a thing (password) is not to be remembered / managed by them, but I don't know if a similar capability exists on Android.

I was unable to find a setting in the app to tell it not to remember things from 1Password, but that would be a fairly blunt instrument anyway, as a lot of things I keep in 1Password (URLs and Notes, mainly) are things that I could conceivably want to manipulate using the capabilities that the "Clipboard Actions" app provides.

1Password Version: 6.3.1b2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 6.0.1
Sync Type: Dropbox / For Families


  • saadsaad

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    That sounds like a cool app! The clipboard is shared with the system and all apps on your device have access to it. Apps can also register themselves to listen to the shared clipboard and be notified whenever something new is copied. Unfortunately, there is no way to exclude 1Password from these events on Android, so it can also be a dangerous place for secrets if you have malicious apps running on the device.

    If you need to copy out of 1Password, then you will need to explicitly clear it within the app that is monitoring the shared clipboard. Of course, this doesn't prevent apps from having the data that was copied. To further minimize the use of the shared clipboard, you are welcome to use the 1Password Keyboard to perform filling logins. This is one way to completely avoid copying & pasting your credentials!

  • Thanks for clarifying those items. I do use the 1Password Keyboard for most things, but sometimes it just seems easier to do a copy / paste. I'll have to think about that more.

    I generally use SwiftKey as my keyboard, and most of the time I'm not, it's either the 1Password keyboard or the system keyboard. I know 1Password is not trying to be the best Android keyboard replacement in the world. But I'm hopeful that it can receive some love within the next few months. Since the main times I use it are when entering my 1Password master password, having easier access to 0-9 and special characters ala SwiftKey (with lots of special characters available via long-press) would be cool. If those were there, I might even use it all ... No, I wouldn't. I'd still use it almost never except when I need 1Password stuff, because I like the prediction capability of SwiftKey too much. But for entering the 1Password master password, it would still be a help.

  • saadsaad

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    You’re very welcome. The good news is that we have plans to improve aspects of the 1Password keyboard and external app filling in the near future. I’ll make sure we get a chance to review your suggestions at that time! Thanks :)

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