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Coming from 1password on MacBook , iPad Air & iPhone 5s. Are you supposed to be able to login into an app rather than website, using 1 password? I already have login details in 1 password but no ipassword symbol comes up when I login to a downloaded app. Want to sort this out in iOS before starting on my new MacBook Air. Please help.


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    Welcome to the forums @shapelylady!

    1Password for iOS can help you log in to your apps. We have a list of other apps with 1Password support right here. Another option is to launch 1Password for iOS, copy the password you want to enter, and then paste it into the app you want to access. That's definitely less convenient but it should work for every iOS app you download.

    Unfortunately we can't do the same thing on OS X because the underlying technologies don't exist. I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you at this point, as it would definitely make life easier while using a Mac. But you can still copy and paste items from 1Password for Mac and enter them into the Mac apps you want to access. 1Password will automatically delete those items from your clipboard after a predetermined time (90 seconds by default) so you don't have to worry about them hanging around, either.

    I hope that answers your questions! Please let me know if there's anything else I can help with :)

  • Page 54 in password iOS guide. No 1password symbol appears on my iPhone screen whether I open a supported app that I've already got login details for in 1Password or a newly downloaded app from the supported list above.

    I could launch app then copy password from 1password but why would I bother with an app? - I've got all logins in 1password.

    Just feel I'm missing something ?!

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    Be sure that you have enabled the extension:

    1Password for iOS: Enable the extension

    Does that help? :)

    If you're still having trouble, can you let me know which app you are trying to use the extension in? I'd be happy to double-check to make sure it is working correctly for me. That could help us narrow it down.

  • No.

    The 1Password for iOS extension is enabled.

    I selected occado from the supported apps. Installed, registered as far as password - - but no 1Password logo appears so left it.

    I installed giff gaff but I alfeady have an account so the login comes up ready for cut & paste from 1Password

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    Hi @shapelylady,

    It sounds like you're doing everything right. I downloaded Ocado myself to look into this and I had the same experience as you. Based on that and our app spotlight page for Ocado in our Apps ❤ 1Password section, it seems to have support for 1Password only when paying with PayPal, but not in Ocado's own Login and Registration screens.

    I'd encourage you to let Ocado know that you'd like them to expand their 1Password support to the app's Login and Registration screens. We can reach out to them as well, but a request like this tends to mean more when it comes from their users rather than from us. Thanks!

  • Thanks for your support. I only downloaded the occado app because it was on the 1Password list to see if it would work. I'll deal with occado later- if apps prove to have any advantage.

    I have an account with giff gaff. I use 1Password to log in - that works. Now I'm looking at signing into apps, I downloaded the giff gaff app. But the 1Password symbol -as in page 54- isn't an option on the app screen. Giff gaff are on the 1Password list. Do I have to cancel the account & start another using the app? Is it worth persevering?

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    I don't see giffgaff on our page, can you provide a link to where you found it?

    It looks like we may need to remove it if it is on our page since I am not able to find a way to use 1Password on it either.

  • Well, I thought I'd seen it on the 100 apps that the user guide sends you to. It isn't on it now. Doesn't matter - I've given up on the App thing. Might try next time i start up new account with an app

    Thanks anyway.

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    Hi @shapelylady,

    I'm sorry for the confusion. It seems you've just had some bad luck here, as neither of the apps you've mentioned have 1Password's extension integrated in their login screens.

    When you come across another app with the 1Password extension, it should make it easy for you to create a new Login or sign into the app with an existing Login from 1Password. As long as you have the extension enabled (which you should only have to do once per device), the 1Password icon will appear on the login screen of supporting apps to help you out. :)

    We're always happy to help if you have any other questions. Cheers!

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