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How can I get my account off Team and just use it for me (Basic)? It says my account is frozen and wants me to buy a Team account for $69. Do not need Team and just want the basic service for myself.

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Referrer: kb:switch-from-mac-app-store, kb:frozen-account


  • thightower
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    This topic should give you some reading from the staff.

    Basically you create a standalone vault and then move your data back to it, from the teams vault.

    If you need to create a new local vault.
    However it is likely you may still have a local vault present on your system. In that case all you would need to do is move the data back to that vault.

    • Please read the staffs comments in the above topic. One of the staff should be around soon, so please post back with followups if needed.

    Edited: added link to moving items between vaults.

  • nmott
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    @Jamboni the links that Thightower provided should give you everything you need to stop using 1Password Teams and use the 1Password apps by themselves. Just one point of clarification: If you signed up for 1Password Teams before you purchased any of the 1Password apps, you will have to buy them if you decide not to renew your 1Password Teams subscription. The desktop apps can be purchased from the AgileBits store; the Mac app is also available in the Mac App Store. The mobile apps are free to download, but any Pro features you used with 1Password Teams will have to be purchased for $9.99 :)

    I hope that helps clarify things. Let us know if you need anything else!

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