Just upgraded to version 6 and it will not work... old version will not work either. Mac OS 10.11.5

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After auto update to the latest version Password is asking for access to the old database (file) but can't find it on my PC... Old app will not work due to the upgrade and 1Password 6 is even asking for additional items that i do not have.

1Password Version: 6
Extension Version: 6
OS Version: Mac OS 10.11.5
Sync Type: local
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  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @kbeacom0911,

    I'm sorry you're having such trouble with 1Password 6 for Mac! We'll be able to help you get this straightened out one way or another, but first we'll need to know a few more specific details about the problem and your setup:

    • What exact version of the 1Password app is installed on your Mac? (If you're unable to open the main 1Password app, click once on the 1Password app file and go to File > Get Info. The info window that opens will show the exact version number.)
    • Are you using the AgileBits Store version or the Mac App Store version of 1Password?
    • You said you just updated or upgraded from an older version. Which version had you been using before this? For example, were you using 1Password 3 and bought an upgrade to the newer version? Or were you using a previous release of 1Password 6 and installed a recent update? Or something else?
    • You said the old app will no longer work. Does that mean you still have the older app (i.e. separate from the new 1Password 6 app you downloaded)? If so, please click once on the older app file and go to File > Get Info. What is the exact version number?
    • What happens when you try to use the older version?
    • What exactly do you see & what happens when you open 1Password 6? If possible, it would be great if you could take a screenshot of that. To include it in your reply, simply click the document button in the top of the comment field, and select the file you wish to share. (Before posting the screenshot, please make sure it doesn't contain any private data.)

    Thanks in advance!

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