How do you assign permissions to "Owners" group?

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For some of my vaults (the newest ones), owners are given non-editable "manage" permissions. For my older team vaults, however, I can't seem to add owners. Is this a known bug? Thanks!

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  • Jacob

    Hey @bpaluzzi! Good question. Owners are automatically managers of everything since they're essentially super-admins. There shouldn't be more than a few owners on the account, unless several people need to manage billing. It's usually meant for the head of the company of whoever is managing everything. If you want someone to not have management on all your team's vaults, make them an admin instead.

    As for not being able to add owners to old vaults at all, that is a bit strange. I know we restructured groups and their permissions a bit a while back, so I'm going to ask one of our developers to pop in here for more info on what's up. :)

  • rob

    @bpaluzzi thanks so much for the report! I'm surprised I haven't heard about this from anyone else yet. I thought we had successfully migrated all accounts so that the Owners group was added as a Manager, but it looks like that isn't the case. We did, however, prevent removing Owners from any vaults and at the same time prevented them from being added (who needs to add Owners to vaults if they're already on all vaults...?).

    I'm going to look into this a bit more and see if I can get the migration going again. Thanks again for your post!

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