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Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but.... I have a list of Items after selecting All Items on the left (all within one Vault). I want to move several of them at a time into a folder. But I can only press and drag one at a time. Shift-clicking or Command-clicking doesn't allow me to select more than one at a time. I want to set up 1400+ items into folders...!



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  • Pilar
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    Hi @bgeraci,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having some issues with organising 1Password. Just to clarify, you're trying to move the items while on the main app of 1Password, not 1Password mini, right? In the main app, Shift + click or Shift + should select several entries at a time. Then when you stop pressing Shift you should be able to drag all the items into the folder that you want.

    If you're finding that some different is happening can you please tell us what exactly you see when you try to select several items? Can you please tell us which version of 1Password you're using? This will help us look in the right places! :chuffed:

  • ShelleyC
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    Hello- I'm having this same problem. I'm using Mac OSX. I am signed in on the 1Password website to my Family account. I want to delete all items in one vault. I can't select more than one item at a time. I've tried Shift + Click, Command + Click, Control + Click, etc. Nothing works. What am I not seeing? I would just delete the whole vault, but it is a Personal Vault, so that's not possible.

  • Hi @ShelleyC,

    If you're using the website as opposed to an app you won't be able to select multiple items there. You'll want to use something like the 1Password for Mac app, sign in to your account there, then you'll be able to do multi-select via shift-click. The quickest way to do what you're looking to do is to select Personal vault in the vault switcher in the top left of the Mac app, then use cmd-a which will select all items. Select the first item in the list, then hit command-a which will select all items. Then hit the delete key. It should prompt you like so:

    Hopefully we can get multi-select stuff working in the website vault viewer one day.


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