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Thanks again Penderworth and Khad for your help with a prior question.

I'm using Family both on the new Win 10 app and online. Is there a way to view by Grouping... for example, in the prior Chrome extension I was using via Dropbox I could add folders and move items around. I see on the Win 10 app and online there is the option to edit the label names. So the option is there to edit the label names so can the items be shown by the labels/grouping? Or maybe I am misunderstanding how the label fields work. Thanks.

1Password Version: Family: Win 10 and Online
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Win 10 10586.420
Sync Type: 1Password cloud
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    Hello again, @glennamydavis!

    The Categories cannot be altered, but that has always been the case in 1Password. But you can add tags to items for your own taxonomy:

    Is that what you were looking for?

  • Yes, that's it. Maybe this is my last question... I can't find either on the Win 10 app or the Family online account of where to edit the tags. I'm sure it's easy to located... maybe I need more coffee..

  • Found it! On the online version it is at the bottom. I'm assuming on the current Win 10 app there is no option for tags, correct?

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    @glennamydavis Fabulous! Tags are also supported in the 1Password 6 beta for Windows, so you should see them in the bottom left just like on The only thing is, you can't manage tags in the app right now. We're working on adding that.

  • Makes sense. I'll continue to edit tags from the online account and wait for the wonderful developing team to do it's stuff. Thanks!!

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