Got a webpage where the username is split into two (don't ask me why)

Got a webpage where the username has been split into two, the first part is related to the users ID number and the second part a unique three digit number with them. 1password ends up filling in the entire number (ID + unique identifier) in the second field and then the password in it's field. Is there a way of dealing with such a split username.

1Password Version: Mac 6.51 & Windows & IOS
Extension Version: 4.5.6
OS Version: Mac OS 10.11.6 & Win 10
Sync Type: Dropbox
Referrer: forum-search:username


  • Greetings @StevenBey,

    Can I ask, if you save a Login item from inside your browser do you find that works? The username field won't show the combined fields but the web form details should show each field and the string you want to fill into each. As you have an existing Login item the best way to save a new one inside your browser is by way of the steps in How to save a Login manually in your browser. I believe this should work :smile:

  • Thanks littlebobbytables! That did the trick.

  • Greetings @StevenBey,

    I thought it might :smile: When you create a Login item inside of 1Password it has no knowledge of where you intend to use it. If the login page is relatively simple this is fine. If the page is unusual at all though we may not be able to cope and in these cases saving a Login item from inside the browser will hopefully prove to be more effective. If it's a site that you want to fill three or more fields? save in the browser. If it's a weird site with lots of fields and we're filling into the wrong location? a Login item saved from inside the browser may do better. If you haven't saved from inside the browser much in the past you may be interested to know that we do try our best to detect if you're logging into a site that you don't have a Login item for based on the domain and password. If it isn't in the vault we ask if you want to save. This is a feature turned on by default.

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    It may be of interest. Personally I only create Login items inside the main window now if I'm troubleshooting a particular site that is causing us problems. Anyway, I'm happy to hear this site is working properly for you now.

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