not working. [Opera developer browser is not supported] not working.

1Password Version: latest
Extension Version: latest
OS Version: OS X 11.11
Sync Type: Not Provided
Referrer: forum-search: not working.


  • PilarPilar

    Team Member

    Hi @jxsl13,

    I'm sorry to hear that you had some trouble with crowdfox's page! Thank you for giving us the exact URL on your post, this lets us check right away and makes it easier for us to help us. I'll move your post to our "Saving and filling in browsers" category so the right people will be able to see it.

    I've tried saving the login manually on the site and it's working as expected for me, would you mind following this instructions and see if it helps?

    Please let us know how this turns out for you! :chuffed:

  • Browser opera developer doesn't work(not saving like mentioned above, nor filling after I saved the login in safari). safari works fine.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @jxsl13: Ah, thanks for clarifying! That makes sense. 1Password doesn't support prerelease browsers, and it sounds like the current dev release may have broken something for extensions. Fortunately, it works fine in the current stable version of Opera, so that should help in the mean time at least. Cheers! :)

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