Families and Android 4 - Workaround possible?

Sadly Families does not support Android 4.x. So my idea is to sync pc/mac via 1password.com Cloud and mobile phones with android 4 via Wlan. Is this possible? My concern is that it is not possible to get 1Password on Android 4 licensed without syncing with the 1password.com cloud. Maybe someone from agilebits can enlighten me. Thank you.

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  • nmottnmott 1Password Alumni

    @brakks using 1Password for Android on a device like that would require you to purchase the Pro features to remove any restrictions. Here's how you would sync items to that device:

    1. Sign in to your 1Password account on 1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows.
    2. Create a Primary vault by going to Preferences > Advanced > and checking "Allow creation of vaults outside of 1Password accounts."
    3. Go to Preferences > Sync and set the Primary vault to Dropbox or Wi-Fi Sync.
    4. Select items in Personal vault and any other vaults connected to your 1Password account then hit Item > Share > Primary > Copy.
    5. Set up syncing on 1Password for Android.

    You'll have to make sure you manually move any new items connected to your 1Password account in order for them to appear on the Android device. :)

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