How do I find my sign-in address and Account Key?

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  • I DO have a Families Account.....I still need to know how to sign into my account for the first time on my iPhone after replacing it. I still need to know where to find this Team URL and my "Account Key". I have searched everywhere and don't have all day.

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    Hi @DAXMiller,

    It sounds like you're in a different situation than the one from the previous discussion, so I've moved your message to a new thread in our Families forum. I hope you don't mind!

    The sign-in address is the one you would use to sign into your Families account from a web browser. If you're the one who initially set up/created the Families account, you would have chosen a name for the account, and the sign-in page would be [name] This knowledgebase article may be helpful for you: Sign in to your account on

    In your case, the "If you don’t know your sign-in address" and "If you’re having trouble signing in" sections of that article will likely be the most helpful.

    Your Account Key is similar to your master password, in that it is unique and known only to you. Unlike your master password, you don't choose your Account Key, but one is generated for you when you sign up. It would have been stored in your Emergency Kit (which you should have saved somewhere when you signed up). If you don't know where to find your Account Key or Emergency Kit, please take a look at this article: If you can't find your Account Key or QR code

    Does that help? Please let us know if you're still having trouble with any of that or if you have more questions, and we'll continue from there. Thanks! :)

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    I changed phones from a samsung s5 to a s7 and I can't get 1password to work on my s7 It wants a lot of information that I don't know how to fill in I type for the sign in address. I don't know if that's right. I put in the account key from version 3 since I just have a license for vision 6 which I'm running. I put in my email address which is in your database and I put in my login password for 1password and then tried my password for agile bits since I don't know what you want. It keep telling me that the account key isn't right. How do I get this to work on my new

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    Hey @skismx5

    Thank you for your message :) First of all, I have removed your email address from your post for your privacy, so if you don't see it anymore you know what happened to it :P

    I had a look at your status and I could not find any 1Password for Families account for you. It looks to me like you have a license instead, rather than an account. If you don't have a subscription account and you are configuring your new S7, you have to choose the option named Use without an account when you run the app for the first time.

    This article should help and has a couple of screenshots of what I am referring to.

    Let me know if this clarified things a little ;)

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