1P Teams - Does admin have access to personal data of members in team?


Hi there.

I have a personal 1P account (1password 6). I'm considering joining 1P Teams with my business.

Will individual team member's user data be private to themselves? Or does the admin have access to all their data? I'm trying to figure out if individual members need 2 separate accounts, one private and one for the team.

If a team member leaves the organisation/team, can he keep his data and convert to a personal account?

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  • ntimo
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    @tomrodreke The simple answer is no they don't have access to this data :) You can read more in the teams Whitepaper https://1password.com/teams/white-paper/

  • tomrodreke
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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    What about the other questions?

  • Jacob

    Hi @tomrodreke! Glad to hear you're considering Teams. :) To answer your first question, team members get access to a Personal and Shared vault when they join the team. The Personal one is only available to them, and the Shared one is available to everyone on the team. The admin doesn't have access to their Personal vault either, so they can rest assured it's safe there if they want to put some non-work related things in it.

    If a team member leaves the organisation/team, can he keep his data and convert to a personal account?

    If they do want to have an actual personal vault for home stuff, I'd recommend they create one outside the team instead. That way, if you remove them from the team they won't lose access to it. This vault will be stored locally on their device, and they can sync it with their other devices through a variety of methods. If they want to take that a step further and use 1Password with their family, 1Password Families is another type of account that will work well for them (in addition to the team they're a member of).

    Hope that helps you decide! If you have any other questions, just let us know. :)

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