How does one merge a 1Password primary vault and a similar (but not identical) Team vault?

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I have used 1 Password for many years (Thanks guys & gals!) A few months ago I set up a Team account for the family and copied my primary vault to my new Team vault. I then began updating and adding passwords in a haphazard fashion across my devices; some were set to the iOS old primary vault and my Mac was set to use the Teams account. I discovered this when I noticed that a similarly named account had different passwords. Luckily the date stamps were the clues that helped me figure out the most recent password to use. So now I'd like to merge them all together and clean out the duplicates and then use only the Team vault. How does one go about this?

1Password Version: 1Password Version 6.3.1 (631005) Mac App Store
Extension Version: 4.5.6
OS Version: 10.11.5
Sync Type: iCloud
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  • Megan
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    Thanks for being a long-time supporter of 1Password - you rock!

    With two similar databases, there’s no magic trick to get everything organized and in its place, unfortunately. But with the All Vaults view and 1Password’s sort feature and the Security Audit, it should be an alright process.

    It sounds like you still have the primary vault accessible on your Mac, is that the case? If so, while you’re in the All Vaults view, I would go through your entire database (primary and Teams vault) and look for duplicates. Two of the more useful sort options would be Title and Website.

    The Security Audit will be useful if you have any duplicated items that have the same password.

    As you find items that appear to be duplicates, you can compare the details in the details view - which also lets you know which vault that item lives in. You can then move the correct item into your Teams vault, and delete the old item from your primary vault. It’s a bit of a process, but it should leave you with a nice tidy database at the end - you might even be able to clean up a few items that you no longer need!

    Once your database is all organized, we can remove the primary vault from your mac and your mobile devices so that everything stays where it should in your 1Password Teams account.

    On your Mac

    • Ensure all your important information safely stored in your 1Password Teams vaults
    • Go to 1Password’s Preferences > Advanced and uncheck the ‘Local Vaults’ option. This will ask if you wish to delete your primary vault.
    • When you confirm, the vault will be deleted and 1Password will unlock with your 1Password Teams Master Password.

    On your iOS device

    • Uninstall the 1Password app
    • Reinstall from the iOS App Store
    • When setting up 1Password, choose the ‘use with 1Password account’ option and sign in to your Team.

    I hope this helps, but if you have more questions, we’re here for you!

  • ___CJ___
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    Hi Megan!
    To be honest, the process you suggested made me frown... but I am the person who let the dust bunnies accumulate within 1Password, so I turned that frown upside down and got after it! The result - I went from 1356 items down to 682! I have deleted old passwords and updated others. My iPad and iPhone are in sync as well. Thank you for outlining the process - my data is all the better for it! ALL HAIL AGILEBITS!

  • Ben

    Thanks for the update CJ! :)


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