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I remember in the old 1password (for Windows specifically) there was an area for reviewing password security / duplication. Does this exist in Families? I've looked through the Android/Windows Desktop/Windows App/Web app clients and can't see anything that does that?

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    Hello @Kumnaa,

    Thanks for reaching out and asking good questions! :)

    Security Audit features are fully available for 1Password Families accounts in 1Password 6 for Mac. If you have your account added in the app, Watchtower and Security Audit got your back and analyse all items. We are working hard on making new 1Password 6 for Windows as mighty as 1Password for Mac, and it is already in beta. You can check it out here:

    It would also be nice to have something like this on the web, thank you for your suggestion! However, I can't share any sort of a timeline yet - there are a lot of variables involved. I hope for your understanding. :blush:

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