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I have a 1Password Pro account. What I would like to do is create a second vault for work related logins that I will access from a windows virtual machine. I don't want this machine to access my personal vault. I just want it to access the vault I create for work.

Is there a way to do this that doesn't involve adding another user charge per month?

1Password Version: 1Password Version 6.3.1 (631005) Mac App Store
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.11.6 and Windows 10
Sync Type: Pro


  • Pilar
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    Hi @eeyoredragon

    I hope we can find one that works well for you. I think the best approach for you would be to invite yourself as guest with another email. Guests have access to just one vault at a time and some restrictions on what they can do, but given that they are included on your current plan it sounds like it might just do the trick! You can read more about this option and see how to handle it here:

    Please let us know what you think of this option and if it works as you need it too! :chuffed:

  • eeyoredragon
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    That seems to do what I wanted. I was afraid guests couldn't have write access to the vault I assigned.

    Is there a 1password version you recommend for windows 10 and teams use? The one I was linked to from the teams login from my guest account was the beta 6 version which is... well, lacking in functionality compared to what I'm used to on my mac.

    I'm having to manually add passwords for all the sites since none of the extensions prompt me for login information. (Tried both chrome and firefox). I mean, there aren't that many sites I intend to use this vault with, so it's not that big of a deal. Just a disappointment.

    On a related note, since 99% of the sites I'm using on the windows 10 side with my guest account are single sign in accounts (that don't work automatically since I'm connecting from a vpn and not logged in as a DOMAIN user)... is there a way to mass edit passwords when I'm eventually required to do my monthly password change?

  • khad
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    I'm glad that did the trick, @eeyoredragon. :)

    We're working hard to improve 1Password 6 for Windows every day. But it is required to use a team account in Windows. Older versions of 1Password for Windows do not support team accounts.

    At the top of our list is adding support for saving Logins in the browser. It's a very handy feature of 1Password, so we are keen to add it.

    No version of 1Password (on any platform) has mass editing, but I can definitely understand how that would be useful. I'll make sure the devs know you would like to see that!

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