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Hi agilebits experts,

I switched from a local vault (OS X, sync over iCloud, 1Password 6.3.1) to the new 1Password web account option in order to sync b/w OS X, iOS and Windows machines. This works perfectly.

However, I have quite many documents attached to password items. In the past I made regular exports of all items including documents for backup. Now with the new web account option and document storage the exports don't include documents anymore.

When will this be enabled again?


1Password Version: 6.3.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.11.6
Sync Type: web account
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  • khad
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    Hi @wolf_wiley,

    Thanks for asking about this. And thanks for letting us know syncing is working perfectly!

    Documents are backed up on along with all the rest of your 1Password data. But I will let the developers know you'd like to see an option to export them en masse to make manual backups yourself. :+1:

  • wolf_wiley
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    Hi Khan
    Great and thanks for letting me know

  • khad
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    Cheers! Have a great rest of your week. :)

  • neoguiri
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    Any news regarding this trouble? I'm facing the same problem. I change my account to try 1password online and export all my files. But now i change my mind because it's expensiv and you can do the same with icloud for free. But i'm stuck with my documents and even the attached document for my software licences for exemple.
    When i try a export the documents does not follow and the attach documents disappear.

    I feel like i rat in cage that need pay and never get back my stuff as it was before i pay. Pleade could you do something to add an export for the document. Even export on hard drive is not allowed.

    Best regards


    PS: I was hesitating to come to 1pass instead of a opensource one like lastpass but i think if this is not solved soon i will have to move...

  • Hi @neoguiri,

    I'm really sorry that you're caught by this. Currently, here's the best way to do it...

    1. Select the Documents category in the side bar
    2. Select all of the Document items (cmd-a)
    3. Right click on one of them, and you should get a "Download" menu item. Click that. This will download an encrypted copy of the file to your Mac.
    4. Go to each document and click to decrypt it if needed.
    5. Use the downward arrow button on the menu that shows up on the document preview to bring up the menu and choose Show in Finder.

    This will give you the file itself, decrypted. Copy it to a location of your choice (this copy will get deleted upon the next lock of 1Password).

    You'll then be able to re-create the attachments manually in your standalone vault if you go that route.

    There's complexity in automating all of this, and that's why it doesn't "just work." It something I really want us to work through though. It has just taken a lot longer than I would have predicted.


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