I would love to be able to associate vaults with specific browsers


My company recently adopted 1Password for Teams. This is great! The downside is that it is making it hard for me to separate my work and personal data. While I keep the info in different vaults (I have a personal license too), I like to further segment the two by only using specific browsers for specific uses. This prevents problems with cookie... etc.

I'd like to request either of the two options:

  • the ability to set a default browser per vault
  • the ability for the currently searched vault to be remembered on a per-plugin basis. Right now, if I change the searched vault in safari, it also changes in Chrome... etc.

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OS Version: OSX 10.11.6 (15G31)
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  • Ben

    Hi @coolhand79,

    Thanks for taking the time to write in. At the moment 1Password does not have any ability to specify which browser to use, or change your default browser. It relies entirely on what you have set at the system level. We do have a feature request open to add functionality like this to 1Password. I can't say when/if that will happen, but I'll be happy to add your vote to it.

    In the mean time you may want to check out a utility like either:

    Browser Fairy

    Choosy: A smarter default browser for Mac OS X

    I don't have personal experience with either of these, but they have come recommended by other 1Password users.



    ref: OPM-2808

  • coolhand79
    Community Member

    What about the ability for the currently searched vault to be remembered on a per-plugin basis rather than globally?

    If I could set the Safari plugin to one vault and the Chrome to another, that would solve things too.

  • Jacob
    edited August 2016

    @coolhand79 That's a good idea. I'll pass the suggestion along to our team. :) Thanks for posting about it.

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