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Multi windowed mode works great, but the app is overzealous when it comes to locking while transitioning states.

If 1Password is the main app (Top position in Portrait mode), the app remains unlocked if you adjust the size,
If 1Password is the secondary app (Bottom position) the app locks whenever you adjust the size.
if 1Password is the only app, triggering the secondary app selector locks the app.

Disabling "lock on exit" is not a solution.

Will keep testing and update with any issues.

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  • ChaconC
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    Another thing! Multi window has finally given me a way to reproduce a bug that has happened for a while but I could never reproduce consistently.

    Problem: the app gets stuck in a state where you can't use the fingerprint to unlock and the keyboard doesn’t slide up.
    You can tap on "enter master password" to force the keyboard, but other input is ignored.

    Steps to reproduce:

    • open app
    • unlock
    • tap and hold app switcher
      Here the app will either report a failed fingerprint read or simply lock.
      If it reports a failure (vibrate):

    • swipe the window divider to make 1password the only app

    • 1Password will be in a state where the caret is visible and the fingerprint scanner shows blue, but neither one works.

    If it doesn't report a failure:

    • select a secondary app
    • unlock 1Password
    • swipe the divider
    • app will lock itself
    • app will report a fingerprint read failure

    Nexus 6P, Android N DP5

  • saad
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    Hi @ChaconC. Thanks for trying out 1Password in multi-window mode! We agree, locking when 1Password enters multi-window mode and when resizing the window can get annoying. We plan to look into improving this behaviour.

    As for the Fingerprint Unlock dialog being unresponsive, I am able to reproduce this on my Nexus 6P. I will open an internal bug report and make sure our developers take a look into it. Thanks again for the detailed report. You are awesome! :+1:

    ref: OPA-977
    ref: OPA-983

  • ChaconC
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    Thanks for looking into it.

    I know it feels like I'm purposely looking to break the app with the steps to reproduce, but that bug happened prior to 6.4b4 and without running in multi-windowed mode.

  • EnerJi
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    @ChaconC Yep I've experienced the same fingerprint unlock bug many times, but haven't been able to reproduce. Hopefully now we'll get a fix!

  • I know it feels like I'm purposely looking to break the app with the steps to reproduce

    This is precisely why we :love: our beta testers! We need to know what's broken so we can get it fixed. Thanks for reporting this @ChaconC and @EnerJi.

  • EnerJi
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    @saad and @peri

    Just letting you know that the fingerprint unlock bug is still present in the latest beta, which I see is also a release candidate. Perhaps this issue isn't a blocker, but I wanted to mention it ASAP in case it is.

    Possibly related to the fingerprint unlock bug, I notice that the fingerprint reader behaves a bit differently when unlocking 1Password than when unlocking Android. On my Nexus 5x, the reader is on the back of the phone, and I usually find it by feeling for it with my finger, and not by looking at it.

    What this means is that my finger doesn't usually hit the sensor perfectly the first time - I usually misjudge slightly, hitting the edge of the reader before I can slide my finger into position onto the reader. When performing an unlock for Android, this works perfectly, as there seems to be a small pause before Android tries to read my fingerprint, which is sufficient to get my finger positioned properly.

    1Password, on the other hand, seems to be more aggressive about reading my finger, and it can misread multiple times (with each "read" vibrating the phone) before I position it properly. By this point, the app often doesn't want to read the finger at all, perhaps due to too many misreads in a short amount of time.

    Please let me know if I can provide any other information on this particular issue.

  • Thanks for the update, @EnerJi. This issue did not make it into our last beta, but our devs are aware of it and will hopefully get it sorted out soon. :)

    As to the other Fingerprint Unlock issue you mentioned, I'm not sure if we're more aggressive at reading the fingerprint, but maybe @saad or @mverde has some insight there.

  • Although Fingerprint Unlock isn't doing anything in particular to try to be aggressive in authenticating with the fingerprint sensor, this may be an unintended consequence of the timing of initiating authentication. I'll take a look at the sequence of events and see if I can spot anything conspicuous that might lead to this. Thanks for the feedback!

  • EnerJi
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    Thanks @peri and @mverde. I just mentioned in a different thread that I think fingerprint unlock is working much smoother today. I'm running the latest (gold release) version of Nougat now, which perhaps makes a difference?

    Back to the original topic of this thread, the issues @ChaconC reported related to multi-window still occur for me.

    I think I've discovered another small multi-window issue:

    When 1Password is in multi-window mode (in the top position in portrait mode is the only position I've tested) with the bottom window focused, 1Password will sometimes but not always lock when the screen dims (but before the screen turns off). It's happened three times to me within a short period of time, but it doesn't happen every single time.

    Also, a quick update on fingerprint unlock - 1Password still seems to be less aggressive (in a good way) about reading fingerprints, but I just encountered the issue @ChaconC reported above where 1Password stops responding to fingerprints. Tapping on "enter master password" then going back to fingerprint unlock works as a temporary workaround.

    I'll keep an eye on the fingerprint unlock and report back if I notice any other weirdness. Thanks!

  • Hey @EnerJi. I've tested this out a bit, but I'm so far unable to reproduce the issue with 1Password locking when the screen dims on my own device. I'll keep checking though to see if I can replicate it. Can you let me know what your security settings look like (Auto-lock and lock on exit)? Also, how many seconds before your screen dims?

  • EnerJi
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    @peri Sorry for the delay in checking this. I checked my settings as you suggested, and discovered the "issue" is actually related to my 1password auto-lock settings. I had initially set it to be the same or greater than my screen timeout, but along the way I had forgotten that I had extended my screen timeout. Consequently, 1pw was rightly locking before my screen turned off. False alarm!

  • Phew! Thanks for the update. I'm glad we can close the file on that one, @EnerJi. In the meantime, the team will be looking into the locking behavior relating to multi window mode. :)

  • qzmarco
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    Hey guys.

    Why isn't possible use mult-window mode in S7 Edge?


  • Hi @qzmarco. Multi-window mode is only supported in Android Nougat, which I don't believe has shipped to Samsung devices yet. You should see multi-window mode once you're able to update.

    Let us know if you need anything else! Thanks!

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