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Hi, I have a 1Password for Families subscription. I'm considering adding my father as a member of the subscription so he can benefit from using 1Password. However, if I was to cancel my Families subscription in the future, would it be easy to transition my father to his own individual subscription or perpetual license and retain any data he's already added to his vault under the Families subscription?
Thanks, Daniel

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  • Hi @drdeprez, I'm not with AgileBits, but my understanding is that this wouldn't be too hard if you have a Mac or Windows computer connected to both 1Password Families and his new Individual account both at the same time (there's no particular limit to the number of 1Password Accounts you can connect to from the local applications). Once the computer version of the software is connected to both accounts, you would simply to a mass copy or move of the existing items into the new account. You would need to manually re-create the vaults in the new account first.

    The instructions for moving items from account to account (or vault to vault, really) are a part of the notes at https://support.1password.com/migrate-1password-account/ though the "backup account" part doesn't apply since you'll be starting in an Account view rather than a local vault as the source. The procedure to copy or move items should be listed on that article for Mac and Windows, however.

    Also, AgileBits doesn't delete your data if you stop paying (though you can delete it), it just becomes read-only, so you should be able to migrate away this way even if the Families account were expired, though I haven't confirmed this and it's not really something you asked directly, just some extra info.

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    Hi @drdeprez! That's a very good question, and I think @dszp's answer is a good one to run with. Let us know if you have any further questions about this though. :)

  • Hi @dszp and @Jacob, thanks for your replies - much appreciated!

    In this case I would be looking for a very simple solution. My father uses an iPad only and besides, I'd rather not have to talk him through the process of manually copying items over from one vault to another.
    I see there is a new Individual 1Password subscription option, so what I'm really hoping for is that there would be a very simple way of taking a person's personal vault from with a Families subscription and moving it out to either their own Individual 1Password subscription, or to a perpetual license version. Literally as simple as saying move the chosen vault from account X to account Y. In other words moving at the vault level rather than individual items within a vault. Not sure if that exists at present, however if it does, or if it's planned, then I'd really appreciate any additional info you can provide.

    As I mentioned earlier, it's not that I'm needing to do this right now; I'm just thinking forward to if I were to share access to my 1Password for Families subscription with my father or anybody else, then decide at a later stage to cancel my Families subscription. I'd hate to leave them hung out to dry with no longer being able to use their own vault data, or having to go through a complicated process of manually moving their data into a new vault of their own.


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    @drdeprez: Unfortunately it is not as easy to move data using 1Password for iOS as it is using a computer. However, you can move individual items between vaults easily. So if your father has only a small number of items it wouldn't be bad at all. Using the desktop apps just makes to easier to do this in bulk.

    It sounds like the best thing to do — both for you and your father — would be to evaluate 1Password Families yourself first to figure out if it's a good fit for you. Then once your sure you want to do that, you can get things setup for you and your family without having to worry about needing to do the process again in reverse. Cheers! :)

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