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  • Hi, I want to downgrade from the free trial family plan to individual. I see and understand the directions given in other threads -- go to my account and click on Family Settings... however when I do this, I don't see any options except to delete my family account. I only have one guest on my account and i've suspended him. I can't figure out how to delete him and I'm wondering if that's the issue? Help, please.

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    @Megadiva: Sorry for for the confusion! That's exactly it. You'll need to have only a single member in your 1Password Families account to be able to switch to the individual plan, so you'll need to delete them, rather than merely suspend them:

    Delete a member

    You can do this from Admin Console > Members > (name) > Delete. I hope this helps! :)

  • Yes, thank you!

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    Happy that brenty was able to help you, @Megadiva. Thanks for stopping in again to let us know. :)

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