My profile doesn't seem to be a family account even though I've created a family account

I have been a license user for a while. I wanted to use the family subscription. I walked through the steps and created a family. (or so I thought) When I am in my profile, (and I do see in the address bar that it is pointing to my family name) I try to invite family members by using the link in the drop down, I keep getting a pop-up that indicates that I need to upgrade to a family. I've already done this. Also, when I check under "Billing" it seems that its only looking at an individual not a family. Please help

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  • JacobJacob

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    Hi @kenko! Hmm, that's very strange. I took a look at your account in our system and it shows up as a family. Did you upgrade to one after posting about this? Most people sign up as an individual and go from there. After all, the 6-month-free promotion on our pricing page is for individual accounts. Does that sound familiar?

  • Jacob,
    I upgraded to family before i posted this. I saw the six months free promotion. I even received an email from Agilbits as I was already a licensed user. I signed up for the subscription through the promotion. I noticed that it was for an individual. I then created a family profile and also received the subsequent notification of the family account. I signed in through the family account but it still only seems to recognize me as an individual. When I try to invite a family member, I get a pop-up that indicates that I need to upgrade to a family plan or team plan. I also checked my billing link and it only seems to be billing for an individual. I'm not sure what or where to go from here. You seem to see me as a family but its not working on my end as a family.

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I just spotted your email in our inbox for this same issue. We'll work with you via email until everything is resolved so that we are not duplicating efforts or creating any confusion. :+1:
    ref: BNG-73913-585

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