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according to your pro feature websites
android lacks even the MOST BASIC (adding new items or editing existing ones) of all features unless you either buy the Pro or get a subscription, although in iOS all that isnt listed on the pro page, leading me to believe it's already in there for free.
I wouldnt even care for folders in the free version but this gap seems to be WAY too large.
WHY is that? Isnt that a little bit unfair?

by the way I am not really angry (yet) but I want to know about that because it is quite some discrimination in my opinion.

(note: I didnt use the android app yet it's still downloading, which will be finished in about 19 minutes thanks to throttling)

best regards.

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  • AGAlumB
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    @My1: Sorry for the confusion! 1Password for Android is free to use fully for 30 days. After that, it is read-only. As iOS apps cannot have limited "trials", we offer a limited featureset instead, with an in-app purchase to unlock everything else. In both cases, you can sync data from elsewhere (for example, 1Password for Mac) and access it on your mobile device without paying anything, and then upgrade if you'd like to access the full app. I hope this helps! :)

  • My1
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    ios apps cannot do trials?
    didnt know that.
    but it is kinda sad that you can use 1pw for free on ios but not on droid.
    also talking about different featuresets, why cant I add attachments? I read people talking about this dating back to 2014. seems like a lot of time (and seemingly 1pw6 for windows also cant deal with attachments)

  • saad
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    To add to Brenty’s reply, Android was the first platform we brought the in-app purchase model to. When 1Password for iOS adopted this model, their offering changed based on various decisions including Apple’s guidelines. With that being said, our team is aware of the differences between iOS and Android, and we plan to bring both platforms closer together with its offerings in the future.

    As for adding attachments, this request is currently on our development roadmap for Android! While we would love to add this ability now, our development resources are limited, and we have to prioritize to bring the most important and more popular features first. We hope to see this feature come to Android soon, and I will make sure I let the team know you are interested too.

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