I already have a full licence

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Am now being charged an additional fee to sync my account. Why?


  • danco
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    Where are you trying to sync to?

    There are now two options, subscription and stand-alone licence. With the stand-alone, your licence covers 1PW for Mac and Windows, while iOS and Android are free with in-app purchases for extra features. Is that the extra fee you are being asked for?

    The subscription option is fairly new. If you use it, there is a charge though currently the first six months are free. But the stand-alone licence will continue.

    You don't give any information, and I can think of a couple of possibilities, and there may be others. You might have been using 1PW3 and moved to 1PW6; in that case there is an upgrade fee. Or you may have by mistake tried to use the subscription service (and AgileBits use the word "account" only for this); You just have to stick with the ordinary version.

    You certainly do not have to pay an additional fee for syncing, but we need to know more about what is happening and what versions of 1PW you have before anyone (I am not an AgileBits employee) can help you further.

  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @robs19560,

    I'm sorry for any confusion! As danco explained, an "additional fee" could mean different things, so we're not sure exactly what you're referring to. If you can elaborate on that, I'm sure we can help get things cleared up. For example, what new fee are you seeing and where are you seeing it? Is it something you're being asked to pay, or a charge you're seeing on a credit card statement? Is this something you see a message about in the 1Password app or online? Did you sign up for a 1Password account?

    Any details you can give us about that will help (just make sure you don't post any private information, as these are public forums). Once we know some more specifics, we should be able to help you with that. Thanks in advance! :)

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